Thursday, August 14, 2008

Make your Diamond more personal with TouchXperience!

Using HTC Diamond is a keen pleasure except for Touch Flow which keeps many people from getting this device. Well, TouchXperience might change your mind. It brings a sort of infinite scrolling to your HTC Diamond and gives you the option to scroll through via flicking the device itself. There’s also the ability to customize your own menu. Adding contacts, calendar, or any shortcuts makes this a robust application. It even takes advantage of the built in GPS by acting depending on your current location. When you’re out reminders will pop up saying ‘buy beer’, ‘drop off mail’, ‘call your grandma’ or whatever it is that you program it for. Check out the video how it uses the accelerometer to flip through the phones functions!

TouchXperience could be a powerful application for Diamond and Touch Pro users. Users are always looking for a way to adjust, customize, or make the device more personal. TouchXperience gets you one step closer to making that “I made it” feeling come true. It also gives you a pleasant feeling that your device is more functional than somebody’s. Besides that it uses the built in tilt sensor and GPS to make enhance the built in features. All these things will gain over those who still have some doubt!