Monday, July 14, 2008

GPS in HTC Touch Diamond

The GPS receiver that is built-in into HTC Diamond is very good. How about getting GPS fix, even indoors, in a matter of 3-4 seconds? HTC Touch Diamond can do it! How about getting GPS fix during short moment when your car stops at red lights? HTC Touch Diamond can do it!

Thanks to QuickGPS application (see below: this application in action in a video!), that is included in the HTC Touch Diamond, the GPS fix can be accelerated by downloading satellite data from the Internet from time to time:

... and thanks to high-resolution display (VGA = 640x480 pixels) viewing maps is pure pleasure (here: Microsoft UK headquarters):

Screenshot above is from TomTom 6 that works perfectly in HTC Touch Diamond but TomTom 7 is already available.

Note that while TomTom is the best GPS software (that uses maps stored on memory card or internal storage - no online connection needed!) for turn-by-turn navigation, sometimes it is showing less points of interest (here: cinemas in vicinity of Leicester Square in London, UK):

... than Google Maps (the improved Google Maps especially designed for HTC Touch Diamond, with fancy red pins dropping from the top, is pre-installed in this phone):

... so we advise you to youse Google Maps, and other similar programs from Yahoo, AOL and Microsoft (Live) - to get most up to date lists of points of interest. For turn-by-turn navigation however applications like TomTom are the best because they show you the way to go - both visually on the map and through voice instructions.

The QuickGPS application automatically can notify you after a couple days when your GPS satellite data download from Internet - used to accelerate GPS fix - has expired. Here is a video demonstration of expiration of this satellite data and how this program is working (downloading current GPS satellite data from the Internet):

Conclusion: GPS in HTC Touch Diamond is really good.