Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Android running on HTC Touch Devices

UPDATE: see Android on Diamond and Raphael
It seems that the guys over at XDA Developers, a Windows Mobile centric hack/developer site, have managed to get Android running on a number of HTC devices.

Leah Geary of Coolsmartphone has it running on his HTC Touch Dual and has posted a number of videos of it working. It took a number of reboots and such, he says, but hey - it works. Which, of course, makes everybody wonder, if a bunch of random guys can plug away and get it working, how hard could it be for HTC to do it?

You can see some videos at YouTube.com showing Google Android working on several HTC Touch devices.

Google's Android on HTC Touch

Android on HTC Touch Cruise

Google Android on the HTC Touch Dual

Google Android on the HTC Touch Dual - Part 2

Get Android running on the HTC Touch Dual

Current Features

Some buttons
Data works with some carriers
Make and Recieve calls
SMS text send and recieve (limited)

Current Issues
Still extremely limited, and is more of an Android sneak peak than anything else
Current main issue is the fact that most buttons wont work, and those who do doesnt do what they should


1 - Dowload the attached .zip file and extract it to your desktop.
2 - Copy the extracted "Android" folder to the root directory on your HTC Touch Dual. (NB: On the device, not the storage card)
3 - On your phone, open file explorer and navigate to the Android directory. Click_haret-0.5.1 once and wait for the loading to complete. (NB: Keep the screen lit up by touching it to prevent it from dimming down)
4 - Android should now boot. You will have to take out the batter in order to close it as there is no way to shut down Android yet.

Download here