Sunday, March 27, 2011

Getting rid of "standby problem" on the HTC Touch Diamond

This applies to users of HTC Touch Diamond or Touch Pro2 on which you installed Windows Mobile 6,1. The problem is this: when receiving SMS text messages, while the HTC Touch Diamond is in standby mode with LCD screen powers off. When the machine is idle and the screen is off, and comes a new incoming SMS, HTC does not notify the owner of a sound and no vibration, only the joystick blinks.

This problem is likely to be caused by some specific SIM-cards for some unknown reason. To solve this problem is quite simple - you can change provider =). If you do not want do this, there is another solution in which the SIM-card intact.

Thus, the procedure is as follows:

Step 1: Make sure your phone is properly configured to play audio or beep or vibrate.

- Go to Start Menu> Settings
- Slap a "personal" tab
- Hit "Sounds and Notifications"> hit the "Notice"
- Go to "Events" drop-down list
- Select Messaging> Create a test message
- Ensure, bith sound or vibrate or Play one of them is selected.
- Check the box next to "Display message on screen"

And now, look at your phone if your phone is working properly after this step, congratulations! Then, if not, then you can try the following step:

Step 2: Insert the SMS Wake Event
- Download and install a registry editor on the HTC Touch Diamond Windows Mobile devices (eg, the registry editor PHM)
- After installation, do go to a branch of the registry key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ Drivers \ BUILTIN \ RIL
- Find DisableSMSWakeUpEvent entry
- Change its value to 0 (default 1)

Then look at your phone, does that change anything? If that action is also not solve this problem, you can try a reset on the HTC Touch Diamond to go to HTC service center to repair your phone.