Friday, July 25, 2008

Official 850 MHz ROM update for the HTC Diamond

After an unofficial ROM patch which appeared last week on XDA Developers website, HTC has now released a ROM update which officially adds GSM 850 MHz to the HTC Diamond making it a quadband GSM smartphone know which can be used anywhere in the GSM networks. In addition to adding GSM 850 MHz support, ROM v1.93.831.1 WWE also fixes some bugs HTC Diamond users have seen already, such as no signal issue, no action while touching navigator control in camera mode as well as SMS sound alert notification delay issue. Furthermore it's said to increase the overall device performance including improved audio quality after audio booster is enabled, improved TouchFLO 3D tab switching and movement speed or improved home page loading speed.

The new ROM build is now available from HTC's Hong Kong support website. It didn't appeared on other support sites yet and a single operator which is offering the new ROM for OEM Diamonds already. Howevew, it should be just a matter of time until the new ROM build is available from all HTC support sites as well as carriers.