Wednesday, July 9, 2008

HTC Touch Diamond keyboard and texting demo

Since the video demo of the HTC Touch Diamond was posted on Phone Mag, there has been numerous requests for a demo of the keyboard and SMS messaging interface. Our own Vincent has taken it upon himself to get this video demo of those two aspects of this device up and ready for your viewing pleasure.

Here it is. As you can see, when a key is pressed, it gets larger. This is similar to the iPhone, but a good idea is a good idea, right? There is a symbol menu, and a number pad. The keyboard is large enough to get things done, but may be a little hard to type up documents and such. Then again, the Diamond is not nearly as targeted for suits as HTC’s other products.

No haptic feedback on the device, but to many that is not desirable anyways, unless it is localized. The messaging interface is threaded style. Threaded SMS is a huge improvement over traditional SMS, especially if you are forgetful like me.